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Solery is renewable energy & distributed energy innovative start-up.

Our Expertise

Solery has been established by a team of engineers with 30+ years experience in the power sector and vast and extensive knowledge in disptatching, generation, distribution and trading energy.
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The Challenge

There are a few key challenges we have been focused on overcomming:
- Low efficiency of Solar thermal potential
- Expensive and sophisticated sun tracking systems with dificult rooftops mounting

The Solution

The Solery Solar Eco System - (SSES):
Solar thermal system with patented simplified safe-proof sun tracking mechanics and IaaS / SaaS for distributed thermal smart grid.
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The Solery Solar Eco System (SSES) is delivering both wholesale and retail
services for Utilities, District Heating, Facility Management, Municipalities,
Retailers, ESCo, factories, office/hotel spaces, residential.

Improved panel design

  • Simple & lightweight construction;
  • Simple and reliable solar tracking mechanism
  • Extensive feedback and variety of operation modes
  • Snow self cleaning capability
  • Overheating safety protection
  • Vertical and horizontal integration of the panels in energy management systems
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Realtime monitoring system

Integration of individual thermal panels (collectors) into a mid size / large scale distributed system for energy management.

Software monitors realtime the various panel parameters and helps optimizing the effective energy usage.

Using the specialized software, each customer is able to participate and buy the needed energy at the best price for his individual needs

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Real time monitoring system
Smart panel control

Smart panel control

Comprihensive cloud platform that delegates control of the panels to the users through any computer / smartphone / other devices.