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Simple solutions for clever energy


Our story!

Solery has been established by a team of engineers with 30+ years experience in the power sector and vast and extensive knowledge in disptatching, generation, distribution and trading energy.

This is the starting point to offer solutions for challenges in the power sector, that could improve the way we utilize solar energy and distribute it, with higher efficiency.

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What have we achieved?

We have 20+ years experience in business development, including the first private biomass district heating company in Bulgaria, providing the first complete CRM solution for power trading (both electricity and thermal).

Our goals?
  • Offer better ways for delivering clean and more affordable energy with maximum efficiency.
  • Create products with highest engineering standards, but very simple and user - friendly at the same time.
  • Allow people to have control of the system through smart devices
  • Reliable products are the core business fundamental of our company.
Our approach?

Simple solutions for clever energy

Solar energy can be much more efficient, easy and reliable. We are striving to improve the availability and management of solar power.