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The key point to success of our start-up is to provide reliable ways to utilize the solar energy efficiently, by end users, communities, businesses and utility companies alike. All this is based on the technology improvements we have made to achieve affordable and effective process of generating, controlling and distributing energy.

Solar Panels 

The solar panel specifications are foundation of the The Solery Solar Eco System. We have made improvements, making the panels easier to produce and more effective.
Technical Specifications.

Custom Software

The Solery Solar Eco System is a combination of optimized hardware and realtime monitoring capabilities, that  optimize the efficiency of the whole installation.
More about that.

IP & Patents

Registered Community Design RCD 002552257 for design of solar collectors
Patent Аpplication No 111837/07.10.2014 for high-temperature solar collector
Utility Model Аpplication No 2863/07.10.2014 for high-temperature solar collector